Hotel Balneario Las Arenas, Valencia, Spain

Adapted room:
Located on an accessible floor. Door with 92 cm clear width. Bed 60 cm high with access to light control mechanisms. Barrier-free approach to bed on both sides, more than 120 cm wide. Height of wardrobe shelves and drawers, 70-180 cm. Door pulls difficult to open.

Adapted en-suite toilet:
Sliding door with 91 cm clear width. Easy to handle lock. There is a space in front of and behind the door of 150 cm or more. The washbasin is 83 cm high, with no pedestal or front panel. The basin is 78 cm in depth, with 49 cm clearance underneath. It cannot be reached from the toilet. Turning tap. Upright mirror; height of lower edge, 95 cm. Approach to the toilet, 88 cm wide on the left side and 165 cm in front. Height of seat, 40 cm. Folding grab bars on both sides, at a height of 65 cm. Distance between grab bars, 57 cm. Slip-resistant shower floor, level with the rest of the facility. Folding and turning seat at a height of 40 cm; 43 cm width and 40 cm depth. With 60 cm for front approach, 60 cm approach on the left side and 60 cm on the right side. Wall-mounted accessible mixer tap, at a height of 90 cm. With telephone next to toilet.


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