Forward Planning is Essential for a Successful Vacation

General InterestPosted by Alan Thu, June 18, 2015 15:55:08
Recent emails from a number of potential guests have led to the generation of this article as all have in common one common denominator, they have not forward planned for essential elements of their vacation. Below I present some case studies and provide solutions to help others avoid the same issues.

When looking to make a hotel reservation in a destination check that you can actually obtain adapted transport at a price that is sensible and within your budget.

Case Study 1. Few days before arrival guest asks for a transfer Barcelona to Salou, at approximately €500 for a round trip it probably costs as much as the holiday.
Solution – fly into Reus for transfers costing as little as €70 each way.

Supply your travel agent or specialist travel company with all relevant information with your very first email contact, not doing so may cost you money.

Case Study 2. Guest requests tour from Barcelona to the Monastery of Montserrat for herself and spouse. Reveals in subsequent emails that there is actually 6 travelling with a mix of wheelchairs and scooters. There is a significant price difference in that transport needs are clearly different and for 6 pax the overall price was significantly higher than that quoted for 2 people.
Solution: Make sure you reveal ALL information relevant to your tour requests to avoid problems with reservations.

Airport transfers – so many people ask for transfers yet do not reveal without being asked what luggage they will bring causing in some cases vehicle unsuitability for the requirements of a guest.

Case Study 3. Guest books airport transfer for 3 people (1 wheelchair) with three suitcases which required one adapted vehicle, yet arrives with 2 wheelchair users and five suitcases thus an extra vehicle had to be found and paid for plus a penalty fee for extra waiting time at the airport whilst a solution was found.
Solution: Inform the transport provider of the exact details of your luggage and the number of people requiring space in an adapted vehicle to avoid extra costs. It is vital to inform transport providers if you have a mobile hoist, extra wheelchair, etc.

Forward planning and notifying suppliers of your needs well in advance of when they are required should ensure a trouble free experience allowing you to arrive at a destination relaxed and happy.

Wishing everyone a wonderful stress free summer.