EIBTM Day 1 (2)

General InterestPosted by Alan Tue, November 27, 2012 20:04:39
So the day was off to a good start with some accessible services being used, accessible transport services worked perfectly and I think we had very satisfied delegates.

I certainly had some surprises today especially when walking past a DMC stand from Italy from which a gentleman sprang out of his chair at great velocity and took hold of my arm, he was well over 6ft 6″ tall so you can imagine my initial reaction, ‘what have I done……?’
In fact it was a lovely reunion with a delegate who had been at my February IAPCO World Congress seminar on accessibilty compliance and he was eager to renew our acquaintance and to let me know how his company was getting on in trying to be more access aware and compliant, not neccesarily an easy task in Italy.
I came, also, across James & Phil who had interviewed me for International Meetings Review earlier this year in Paris and Christian Funk of the Conference & Incentive Management publication in Germany, lovely to see and chat with them and they showed renewed interest in the access topic and wanted to know how the Meetings and Congress Industry was shaping up.
Overall most of the contacts I had at todays EIBTM stemmed from that seminar for IAPCO back in February so its nice to know that the efforts made by IAPCO and myself had some impact, I hope the good work by these organisations keeps on going forward.

For me the highlight of the day was the superb presentation by a man I admire greatly, Corbin Ball, what he doesn’t know about media technology isn’t worth knowing, he has a crystal ball (no pun intended) that sees future trends and is never too far off the mark. Todays session highlighted how the ipod can make for a paperless office and how the use of the thousands of Apps for all types of systems will revolutionise the way we do business and he showcased some fabulous examples which left everyone in the hall pretty amazed, pre-conceptions were certainly challenged especially when Corbin predicted that in a few years lap-tops will be regarded as old ‘quaint’ tools. As ever he presented lots of information for material and resources to be obtained for free or very marginal cost. Finally Corbin gave me 20 minutes of his time for some personal mentoring after I plucked up some courage to ask him for some advice, he’s not only a great speaker but very approachable as I found out so thanks Corbin.

So that was Day 1 and all that was left was to trudge home through a major storm with local transport working to rule with limited services, lovely!!

This article is brought to you by Alan Broadbent, MD Accessible Services