About Us

This idea for this site came about as I travel often, am wheelchair reliant due to multiple sclerosis, and, like many other ‘wheelies’, find it frustratingly difficult to find wheelchair accessible accommodation which is ACTUALLY wheelchair accessible.

Over 3500 listings are available to date, in over 60 countries.  We are continually working to add worldwide listings which meet our selection criteria.

We encourage users to deal directly with their selected accommodation provider to ensure the room/s meet their specific requirements and avoid disappointments.

Participation by signing up will benefit all that use this site, as members can add listings free of charge, and share experiences by submitting reviews.

The accommodation listings and information shown herein are gathered from publicly available information chiefly from the internet, and from personal research, travel, phone calls, emails, and networking. Whilst all care is taken to ensure all data is correct, no responsibility or liability is accepted for any errors or omissions.

Hope you find Wheelie Good Hotels a useful resource.

Steve Massingham